Behind the Smile and You’re an Idiot

A Tale of Two Books
READ IT by Bruce Mason

• I just finished reading a couple of current, timely, best-selling BC books back to back – make that back and forth – that speak volumes about our worrisome future. They also cry out for comparison. The first book focuses on the life and times of our premier, the second, on the result of a five-year global mission to answer a question from David Suzuki, “Why aren’t people demanding action on environmental issues like climate change, despite the overwhelming evidence?”

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The unaffordable subway

Metro Vancouver scheme has the hallmarks of a pro-development and deeply flawed transit strategy

by Elizabeth Murphy

For the price of this

We can have this

Equivalent electric streetcar network deliverable for same cost of proposed Broadway Corridor subway (Prof. Patrick Condon, et al, 2008, “The case for the tram; learning from Portland, Sustainability by Design: An examination of alternatives to an underground extension of the Millennium Line to UBC.” Foundational Research Bulletin, No. 6.)

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Virtual reality and the real thing


• The digital revolution is breaking new ground every day. Technology has a way of doing that. I remember when Hewlett-Packard introduced its first “laptop” computer, which stored a page and a half of writing. It revolutionized my life as a newspaper columnist. I never imagined the steady advances that would lead to today’s powerful laptops, tablets and handheld computers.

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Personal growth – out of the maze into amazing

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young

•  So many of my clients are keen on personal growth. They want to change old patterns and evolve to a new level. They have read the books and understand the principles. They try to recognize and avoid ego reactions, think positively and visualize what they want. The problem is that some of them have been doing this for a very long time and still struggle with the old ways. They say they have been asking and asking for a sign or some guidance.

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Scars – a mother’s fierce love

by Sallie Tisdale

Daily, we leave jobs, friends, lovers… but the child always comes along

The first section of this essay is one of the first essays I wrote, at the age of 22. I added to it – and subtracted – over many years, and finally found a way to put the pieces of my son’s life into an order that made sense to me. Into an image that made sense to me – because even now, when he is in his late 30s, I can run my hand over the scar and feel its shape and texture. That skin is not the same as it was before he was born. – Sallie Tisdale

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STAR WISE: April 2016

by Mac McLaughlin

Wouldn’t you know it? Donald Trump has a most phenomenal birth chart – right off the roadmap powerful. As one astrological writer exclaimed when describing a powerful planetary position, “But powerful for what?” The man, for better or worse, has captured the attention of the whole world. Everybody’s watching this one with rapt attention.

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Primal Mind Primal Games

Why We Do What We Do

READ IT by Bruce Mason

• Perhaps we have been made numb trying to make sense of our world with its endless wars, senseless violence, ongoing, human-caused climate change, the dream-like stupor of shopping, celebrity obsession, insatiable money/power lust, the millions of traumatized refugees, greed, corruption and heart-breaking inequity.

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