Dave Barrett: when true socialism shaped BC and made it more beautiful

Dave Barrett

by Bruce mason Dave Barrett’s recent death has inevitably brought to mind the first-ever NDP Premier’s legacy of brilliant public policies, which helped make BC a better place for everyone, every day, including you and me. However, today, at least two of his signature policies are threatened. Public auto insurance, ICBC, is wrecked and a … Read more

John Horgan on the record: is he walking his talk?

John Horgan

by Bruce Mason Last March, when BC was awash in costly ads attacking John Horgan, describing him as “Say Anything,” “Flip Flop,” “Angry” and “Spineless,” Common Ground asked the then-opposition-leader to carefully lay out and explain his pre-election platform. Sensing, correctly, that only the NDP could end 16 long years of neo-liberalism, we videotaped and … Read more

Ready to Rumble? Keep calm and decolonize

MUSIC RISING by Bruce Mason Indigenous/Aboriginal /First Nations/Inuit art is one of the most exciting creative forces in Canada and on our endangered Earth. At once a Renaissance Revival and a ‘resistance,’ it’s rising, Phoenix-like, from the still-smouldering ashes of what can only be described as genocide. Pick a genre – music, visual arts, live … Read more