Proposed Port Hardy/Bella Coola ferry service closure threatens tourism

An open letter

• The talks on the possible Port Hardy/Bella Coola ferry closure are disturbing to us, to say the least. We are heavily invested in tourism here in the Chilcotin and we are continuing to invest in BC’s largest industry. You are probably well aware of the migration of people towards the north. What is not so obvious is the total by-pass of the Chilcotin by this economic thrust.

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For a prevention propaganda-free year

DRUG BUST by Alan Cassels

• The people’s briefing note on prescription drugs

2012 is behind us, thank goodness. And what a year it’s been. I have anointed it “The Year of Prevention Propaganda.” Wikipedia tells us propaganda is “a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument.” The problem is, when it comes to preventing illness, propaganda doesn’t work. It’s like polluted water laden with parasites, bacteria and viruses that can make you very sick.

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The Centre: awakening to our life’s purpose

An Invitation to Consider Living in an Intentional Community
in Squamish, British Columbia

by Clasina Van Bemmel

• Plans with architects and city planners in the District of Squamish are underway to create a non-denominational spiritual community for adults. Are you interested in a life of simplicity, spiritual practice, contemplation and service? Do you value being part of a community which welcomes all spiritual teachings that bring peace, love and compassion to the earth? Would you like to live in an apartment you own within a building housing other like-minded women and men like yourself?

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Climate change on-screen


• Recently, I’ve been filming University of Victoria climate scientist Dr. Andrew Weaver, who is campaigning as the BC Green Party candidate for the Oak Bay Gordon Head riding in Victoria in the May provincial elections. As I research the project, I’ve been looking back at how climate change has been covered on-screen in the past.

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Talk with integrity

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young

Be impeccable with your word
– Miguel Ruiz

The only way we can share ourselves with another or demonstrate who we are is through communication. It is the way we get to know others and the way they come to know us. We feel we have good communication with another when we understand each other. We feel close when we sense another person “gets” us.

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Realize your potential

ON THE GARDEN PATH by Carolyn Herriot

As a seed is capable of becoming a tree, all human beings are also capable of realizing their own full potential. In order for the seed to become a tree, it must be planted in the soil, underground, in the dark and almost forgotten. In relationship with the earth, the seed surrenders its separateness, its identity, its individuality and its ego. In fact, the seed allows itself to become one with the earth. Only then its hidden energy bursts open and we see green shoots emerging like a miracle. – Satish Kumar, from Thousand Branches, Million Plums

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