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Health Canada ignored Parliamentary Committee recommendations
In 2004, Health Canada ignored Parliament’s multi-year process that taxpayers funded. Instead of giving NHPs their own unique
third category, HC placed NHPs as a subclass of “Drugs” and applied standards that they knew thousands of non-patentable NHPs could not meet. They also forced countless authentic Natural Health Products to reformulate, yielding less effective products, while issuing Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) to hundreds of pharmacy items such as nicotine patches, Ex-Lax and TUMS.

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The slow burn

Fire Earth

fire as fable and fortune

by Geoff Olson

• Fire has a way of getting people’s attention. Some years back, during a period of change in my life, I made arrangements to stay at a friend’s cabin in the interior. Driving up the Coquihalla Highway, we were surprised to see columns of ash in the distance, rising into the sky. We hadn’t intentionally planned to travel toward one of the greatest wildfires in provincial history, but we carried on anyway, like moths to a flame.

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TUsing less energy – The real alternative

by Jeff Rubin

• How many once-in-a-century accidents have to happen before we recognize they’ve become the norm and not the exception? And if we accept them as the norm, what does that say about our relentless quest for more energy? We can’t continue to increase our energy consumption exponentially without expecting to pay ever-greater costs. Even as our attempts become more desperate, it’s easy to understand why we keep trying. When we stop finding new sources of energy, our economies stop growing.

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Practical Utopia


Positive solutions in community and spirit

by Chris Philpott

• For most of the world’s great spiritual traditions and the majority of their contemporary interpreters, the issue of material wealth is inextricably bound up with environmental concerns. Their teachings show quite clearly that following a spiritual direction, rather than striving to accumulate unnecessary material wealth, is the path to true happiness and fulfilment.

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Face beauty naturally

Natural Beauty

by Helen E. Day

At about this same time, I also decided to specialize my physiotherapy practice to focus on persistent or chronic pain. Most physiotherapists deal with acute problems such as broken wrists, low back strain, tendonitis, etc., which tend to heal in a set time frame. I could see that with aging baby boomers, pain that did not go away in a set time period was going to become a huge problem. And, indeed, today it is. As I focused on developing techniques to help heal this “tough” pain, I observed an interesting and unexpected phenomenon: As the patient’s affected body part healed, it also appeared younger.

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