Act now to save the Canadian Wheat Board

Closeup of a field of wheat

Or face the end of food sovereignty in Canada

by Ken Larsen

• While the popular media is full of stories of globalization and its corrosive effects on local communities, most are unaware of the back-story when it comes to the Canadian Wheat Board. In the grain trade, globalization is not a new story. In fact, it pre-dates the settling of Canada’s west by over half a century. The Wheat Board was a uniquely constructive and successful response to globalization created in Canada’s west.

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Cholesterol the unknown healer

computer model of a cholesterol molecule, looking like a long cluster of balls

If you think ‘bad’ or ‘high’ cholesterol contributes to heart disease, you have been deceived by the marketers of a mythical disease. The so-called ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol is actually part of a natural healing process designed for repairing damaged arteries in your body. This damage is usually caused by inflammation and oxidation. Oxidation causes nicks and cuts on the inside of the walls of the arteries and causes inflammation, similar to a cut on the outside of your skin. This sets the process of healing in motion. LDL cholesterol has many purposes, including assisting in the healing process by forming a waxy “scab” over the cuts that still allows blood to flow smoothly. Often called plaque, this scab gives the arterial walls protection and time to heal from within. It is up to us to provide the correct ingredients for the initial healing process and to create healthy arteries for a lifetime.

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Resolutions for life

strawberries, blueberries, blackberries on a heart-shaped bowl

If you could gain a decade or more of healthy years to your life, wouldn’t you grab the chance? “It’s the simple things that can make the biggest difference,” says Heart and Stroke Foundation lecturer Dr. Clyde Yancy, adding that up to 80 percent of premature heart disease is preventable. His prescription for more quality years of life: follow these seven simple steps to embrace your best health potential.

Enzyme supplements safe & effective

by Zoltan Rona, MD

Enzyme supplements have been sold for over 50 years without incident. I have been writing about and prescribing various digestive enzyme supplements successfully for over 30 years. These over the counter products are manufactured by at least a dozen different companies and are sold in health food stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. The manufacturers include NAKA, Biotics Research, Natural Factors, SISU, Platinum Naturals, Thorne Research, Metagenics, AOR, Integra, New Roots and Professional Health.

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Reconnecting with body wisdom

For many of us, our body remains a largely untapped resource because we have forgotten how to listen to the healing messages of our body. By learning to reconnect with our body’s wisdom, we can tap into the healing resources of emotion, sensation, intuition, imagery, memory and mystery. The awakened sense of wholeness that results from this mind-body connection helps to activate our immune system and promote healing. Research has shown that healing modalities such as meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga and visualization all facilitate this mind-body connection and support immune system functions.

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Northern Gateway money vs environment


by David Suzuki

• The battle lines are drawn and Northern BC’s pristine wilderness is the latest front. With hearings underway into the proposed $5.5-billion, dual 1,172-kilometre Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project to transport bitumen from the Alberta tar sands to Kitimat and imported condensate to dilute it from the coast back to Alberta, the fossil fuel industry and its supporters have stepped up the rhetoric. Environmentalists and people in towns, rural areas and First Nations communities in BC have lined up in opposition.

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Open-hearted communication

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young

• Imagine a kindergarten class about to have “show and tell”. Every student in the class has a hand up because each wants to be the first to have a turn. When one finally goes first, a few pay attention, but many are thinking about what they will say when it is their turn. Others are just waiting for the speaker to finish.

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Going underground

Portrait of Director Agnieszka Holland


• There have been many movies about the Holocaust. So much so there is a fear that filmmakers’ constant re-framing and re-imagining of it undermines and clouds the awful history they seek to convey. However, for Polish director Agnieszka Holland, there is still a sense the “main mystery” surrounding why humans behaved as they did has still not been fully explored.

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