Beagle Freedom Success

Produced by The Beagle Freedom Project

Jun 14, 2011

The Beagle Freedom Project’s second rescue of beagles who have lived their entire lives inside a research laboratory. These beagles have known nothing except the confines of metal cages. They have known no soft human touch, no warm bed, no companionship, no love. They have never been outside or sniffed a tree or grass. Finally, after years of being poked and prodded, these beagles are FREE! ARME got the call that a facility was willing to release them to us after they had been used in several tests. The BFP members picked them up on June 8th and now they are all in loving foster homes, and one has already been adopted.

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Year of the Water Dragon

by Kit Wong

In Chinese Mythology, the Dragon has always been an auspicious sign. Its symbolism is often related to or signifies Heavenly Energies and Imperial Decrees or both. The Belief that there are four Dragon Kings in the four corners of the World, charged with regulating the flow of water, in the form of rainfall, rivers, lakes, streams, and even wells is significant to the relation of the element with the mythical creature. With water, being the life source of most living things, the Dragon’s influence means it affects the regulation and flow of life. Seeing that Dragon is a Yang Force, or representation of Dynamic Energies, and it’s linked to the element of water – the life giving force, it can be seen as an auspicious time to expect a deluge of energies. But like the water rapids, expect some wild rides ahead in 2012, economically, politically and romantically. Expect fresh innovation, but also historically watershed (no pun intended) moments, and stagnancy is not an issue.

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Warm winter fare

NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina

In creating recipes, it is my great pleasure to collaborate with expert chef Joseph Forest; the process allows me to improve my sensory awareness of food, something dietitian training didn’t include. During our exchanges, Joseph has become fascinated with the field of nutrition, which I bring to the table, and our collaboration has resulted in the new book Cooking Vegetarian. (J. Forest and V. Melina, Wiley Canada, 2011)

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Farm of the future


by Carolyn Herriot

Rebecca Hosking grew up on a beef and dairy farm in Devon where she fell in love with wildlife and then went on to become a wildlife filmmaker. With her father and uncle both beyond retirement and struggling to keep the farm going, Rebecca decided to return to her roots and take over the operation of the farm. There was only one problem – farming had become dependant on a mechanized system that used fossil fuels intensively. How could she afford to operate her small family farm as the global oil supply ran out and the price went sky high?

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