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PatsyPie® gluten-free crumble crust

At last, a gluten-free pie crust that doesn’t need freezing. PatsyPie® Old-fashioned Crumble Crust is available now on grocers’ shelves across Canada. Since the crust comes pre-baked, it’s simply a matter of fill ‘n serve. Ideal for cream and custard fillings, cheesecakes, quiches and other favourites, the crust can be baked again if the recipe requires it. Handcrafted in Canada in strictly gluten-free kitchens, PatsyPie’s Old-fashioned Crumble Crust contains no preservatives or starchy fillers. Even people who don’t need to eat gluten-free love PatsyPie., 1-87-PATSY-PIE.

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Demonstrators don V for Vendetta masks in Occupy Everywhere

article and photo by Geoff Olson

It’s an image you may have seen around lately. You might recognize the pale, goateed face with the ear-to-ear grin from the 2006 film V for Vendetta. To disguise both his identity and disfigurement, the central character wears a mask representing Guy Fawkes, a 17th century Englishman who plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

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Social awakening – Occupy social consciousness

by Chris Zaporoski

On a warm Friday night several weeks ago, I was sitting on a bench at English Bay, watching the stars shoot through the late summer sky. Many people were out that night – mature people strolling after dinner, romantic couples on the benches and, as usual, youth hanging out on the beach. I could hear distant conversations and people’s laughter. It was a nice relaxing end to another workweek. I checked the time – it was just past 10:30 PM.

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STAR WISE: November 2011

STAR WISE: November 2011 – by Mac McLaughlin

The Sun moves through tropical Scorpio from October 23 to November 22. Ruled by fiery Mars and co-ruled by the deep and mysterious Pluto, we find Scorpio natives are naturally inclined towards leadership roles and power positions. It’s never halfway; it’s either all the way or no way with Scorpio. There are some interesting totems associated with this sign, the first being the serpent, or scorpion. This one says, “Sting me, I sting you back.” Revenge, dominance, control, manipulation, violence, chaos and death are their game if unindividuated. The phoenix is probably the best known symbol of Scorpio and it implies the awesome regenerative and healing power that many Scorpios possess. Out of the ashes, a new life form is created. Where many give up, usually Scorpio is just getting warmed up. Researchers, scientists, doctors and surgeons and others that may literally transform your life come under the heading of this sign.

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Feds set to contaminate food supply with GM foods

by Lucy Sharratt

The Canadian government is proposing to allow the contamination of our food supply with genetically engineered foods that have not been approved for safe eating in Canada. This is not a joke or an exaggeration. Agriculture Canada has organized “stakeholder” consultations on what it calls “Low Level Presence” and has opened a comment period until November 25.

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Canadian Health Food Association Notes

In the October issue of Common Ground, we featured a special editorial supplement representing a call to protect our natural health products. Various industry stakeholders shared their perspectives on the serious impact that Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate regulations are having on the industry. See the complete editorial feature at (Issue #243, October).

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Help me to change the world

by don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz with Janet Mills

I invite you to participate in a new dream for humanity, one in which all of us can live in harmony, truth, and love. In this dream, people of all religions and all philosophies are not just welcome, but respected. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Christ, Moses, Allah, Brahma, Buddha or any other being or master; everybody is welcome to share this dream. Each one of us has our own beliefs, our own point of view. There are billions of different points of view, but it’s the same light, the same force of lifebehind each one of us.

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