Trusting your neighbourhood

ON THE GARDEN PATH by Carolyn Herriot

In February, while returning from a serene vacation in Costa Rica – self-described as the “happiest country in the world” – during the bus ride to the airport, a thief stole the backpack containing all my valuables, including my passport, money and credit cards. In an instant, the ‘pura vida’ of the previous month vanished.

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Your emotional thermostat

UNIVERSE WITHIN by Gwen Randall-Young

Sometimes, the simplest, most self-evident truths are the hardest to live by. We read again and again about the fact that “life is what you make it” or “it’s how we look at life that determines how happy we will be.” So we practice our affirmations, breathe, keep trying to see the glass half full, but somehow, when we are not looking, niggling negatives creep in.

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Drop your cable


I just caught Ron Mann’s Grass, his manifesto for legalizing pot. Okay, so I’m a little late to the party. It originally came out in 1999. Drug laws in North America might have eased a little since then and the hysteria surrounding “reefer madness” that informed early US drug policy looks even more hilarious through the telescope of time a decade on. But this cheeky pop history of pot is still relevant and entertaining as it cruises through significant cultural and political landmarks in stoner history from Cheech and Chong to George Bush senior.

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If a tree falls in the Year of Forests, does anybody hear?

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

The UN General Assembly recently met in New York to declare 2011 the International Year of Forests. The idea is to raise awareness of the priceless role that forests play in keeping the planet healthy and of the need for sustainable management and conservation of all types of forests. The International Year of Forests follows other lofty proclamations by the UN to encourage efforts to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, including the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, the 1993 International Year for the World’s Indigenous People and the somewhat unusual naming of 2008 as the International Year of the Potato.

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Healthy nutrition must lead healthcare reform

by Lionel Wilson

Healthcare reform has fallen short of addressing the true importance of healthy eating because traditionally it has been more focused on treating illness rather than preventing it. While new medical interventions may reduce cancer mortality rates, they are ineffective in reducing the occurrence of major diseases such as cancer because they do not address some of the root causes of the diseases, including poor nutrition, lack of exercise and smoking, to name a few.

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BC’s water – sold to the highest bidder?

by Randy Christensen

For the past several years, there has been a multitude of discussion papers, extensive public consultations and big speeches from the BC government on the effort to “modernize” BC’s Water Act. It’s the law that governs who gets to use water, for what, when, where and who gets priority when there’s not enough to go around.

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