Let’s infiltrate the CBC


On the brisk morning of October 21, a vanguard of media innovation made its way into CBC/Radio-Canada’s Annual Public Meeting (APM) in Vancouver. The plan was unspoken, but each of the wry smiles we exchanged was more than enough to acknowledge our purpose. After all, although insidious, our goal was quite simple: infiltrate the CBC and make it more community based, participatory and awesome.

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Dreaming of a Vancouver Island Diet

ON THE GARDEN PATH by Carolyn Herriot

My life changed after my new book The Zero-Mile Diet was released in June. I was invited to speak to many communities around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, which suited me perfectly because I was talking about a Vancouver Island Diet. By year’s end, after all my travels and many conversations, I’d gotten a good taste of what the Vancouver Island Diet looks like. So to cheer you up for the festive season, here’s a little sampler.

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Diverse offerings from Whistler Film Festival


In the 10th Whistler Film Festival, which ends December 5, it is worth noting that cult Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald has three new feature films in the festival: 1) the world premiere of Hard Core Logo 2, the sequel to his popular Hard Core Logo (1996); 2) the jailhouse blues documentary Music From the Big House; 3) the rock ‘n’ roll drama Trigger.

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Christmas wishes for the homeless

by Daniel Keeran

Across Europe and North America, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of homeless people, especially in recent years in Vancouver and Victoria in BC. A growing body of information also indicates our current approach to homelessness has led to an inefficient use of public resources; it costs more to leave people homeless than to provide them with permanent housing and support services.

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Yoga – the doorway to true happiness

by Farah Moolji Nazarali

I didn’t know what I was searching for until I found it. And on that auspicious day, I realized I had found what I had been looking for my entire life. The details of that day are so vivid for me, deeply etched into my mind and into the memory of every cell in my body. It was the day I met myGuru, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.

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Bill C-36 – Canadians face trespass and raids

A federal bill purporting to make Canadians safer will actually make them less safe and, if passed, will likely face a barrage of constitutional challenges in the courts, according to a leading constitutional lawyer and a growing number of concerned citizens, health consumer groups and legislators.

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