In defence of the CRTC


I recently found my way into a media and technology industry conference where I ‘accidentally’ bumped into the chair of the CRTC, Konrad von Finckenstein, who was surprisingly charming. Our conversation couldn’t have been more different from my previous experiences at CRTC hearings where commissioners bore down with condescending glares like feudal lords. What’s more, Konrad also seemed pleasantly surprised to see me. Our interaction conveyed to me that this man knows what the CRTC is: a politically contested space.

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Seed savvy

ON THE GARDEN PATH by Carolyn Herriot

Farmers and agriculturists have been growing food and selecting seeds for future harvests for 10,000 years. Fewer than six generations ago, our ancestors lived rural lifestyles, growing food and saving their own seeds or acquiring them locally. Today, the majority of farmers don’t save seeds and most of the rest of us have forgotten how. As passive consumers in a global economy, despite all the amazing technology at our fingertips, we have forgotten how to feed ourselves.

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Climate change deniers deluded

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

It must be difficult, if not downright embarrassing, to be a climate change denier these days. After all, the scientists they’ve attacked have been exonerated, London’sSunday Times newspaper ran a retraction and an apology for an article deniers were using to discredit climate change science and more and more denier “experts” are being exposed as shills for industry or just disingenuous clowns. (Naomi Oreskes’ excellent book Merchants of Doubt offers insight into how the deniers operate.) Meanwhile, evidence that fossil fuel emissions contribute to dangerous climate change just keeps building.

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Summer peace

WRITING ON THE WALL by Joseph Roberts

One thing I want is a world without nuclear weapons. So does Lucy Walker whose film Countdown to Zero opened in Toronto this month. Countdown to Zero is a major documentary film produced by Participant Media and Lawrence Bender, Academy Award-winning producers of An Inconvenient Truth. The Global Zero movement, launched in December 2008, now includes over 200 political, military, business, faith and civic leaders plus hundreds of thousands of citizens working towards the elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide. Check it out at

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Fight for your civil rights – staying silent is not an option

by Cameron Ward

On August 1, 2002, Vancouver lawyer Cameron Ward was wrongfully searched, handcuffed, arrested and jailed for planning to throw a pie at then Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. Cameron subsequently sued the Vancouver Police Department and his jailers. The final result was the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision on July 23, 2010, that Canadians have the right to sue for monetary compensation if their constitutional rights are violated. This is Ward’s story of his eight-year ordeal and ultimate vindication.

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