Oct 24 global day of action

EARTHFUTURE by Guy Dauncey

“Dear world: This is an invitation to help build a movement – to take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.” These are words from the grassroots organization 350.org, which is energizing a huge global protest about the looming climate crisis. On Saturday, October 24, up to a million people will take action for 350: International Day of Climate Action. A million and one, if you participate too. At the time of writing, people have signed on to initiate 1,514 actions in 114 countries from Canada to China and from Mongolia to the Maldives.

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Repurpose your garbage

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

In Mexico City, politicians recently banned the ubiquitous plastic bags that citizens use for everything from groceries to soft drinks. But that will only go part way to reducing the 12,000 tonnes of garbage the city produces every day. Only six percent of Mexico City’s garbage gets recycled now, but the government has an ambitious plan to recycle, compost or burn (for energy) 85 percent of it by 2013.

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Mallified – Does expanded consumer consciousness signal the end of the traditional shopping mall?

by Geoff Olson

Recipe: “Take 100 acres of ideally-shaped, flat land. Surround it by 500,000 consumers who have no access whatever to any other shopping facilities. Prepare the land and cover the central portion with 1,000,000 square feet of buildings. Fill with first-rate merchandisers who will sell superior wares at alluringly low prices. Trim the whole on the outside with 10,000 parking spaces and be sure to make same accessible over first-rate under-used highways from all directions. Finish up by decorating with some potted plants, miscellaneous flower beds, a little sculpture and serve sizzling hot to the consumer.” – Commercial architect Victor Gruen. From Recipe for the Ideal Shopping Centre, 1963.

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