CRTC hearing all a Twitter


At the recent *CRTC hearing on traffic management (AKA Internet freedom), there was something different in the air. The room still screamed of bureaucracy: decorative flags at the front of the room, the plain suits, the ‘stakeholders’ and the stenographers. But this time around there was buzz in the room and that buzz was literally the Twitter of public discussion that had forced its way into the hearing.

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Caught hook, line and sinker


Out on August 14, Adam is a romcom with a twist. It’s a tale of a beautiful girl meets boy with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a mild form of autism. Adam (British actor Hugh Dancy) has the ability to encyclopaedically recall facts and numbers – particularly anything to do with space – but he is not wired to comprehend nuance, innuendo, irony or suggestion. He takes everything literally. Any subtleties of body language or tone of voice go over his head. Naturally, this makes social situations and meeting people incredibly awkward and stressful for him.

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Swine flu vaccine scam? – Big pharma stands to gain


We’ve been told by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the swine flu is a pandemic and spreading rampantly, with two billion people expected to die globally in the next two years. But the numbers don’t add up. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the regular, garden-variety influenza claimed 24,000 lives during the last flu season. Yet, in what it is citing as a pandemic, WHO has attributed the swine flu with 700 to 800 deaths worldwide to date (as of Common Ground’s press date July 29). Pandemic? It’s difficult to understand the logic until one pays attention to the underlying motives.

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Healing your toxic emotions

by Deepak Chopra

Emotions are mysterious and often dangerous things. Thirty years ago, mind-body medicine made the connection between emotions and illness. The so-called cancer personality had its vogue, preceded by the Type A personality linked to early heart attacks. Despite advances in drugs for depression and anxiety, toxic emotions are taking the same heavy toll as ever, playing their secret part in causing all manner of illness.

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