Canada needs an innovation agenda


BIG TELECOM’S monopolistic control over the net is threatening to leave Canada with a last generation Internet. We have fallen behind many European and Asian countries, in terms of Internet access, speed and cost, and have toppled from second to tenth place within the 30 OECD* countries. Our broadband connection speeds have also fallen below the OECD average and in the area of cost versus speed, we rank 27th.

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Countdown to Copenhagen


BEFORE THE economic levees burst, letting loose a wave of bank failures and bailouts, it seemed like the future of the planet was actually of vital importance to politicians. But, as the recent sidelining of climate change at the G20 meeting indicated, politicians are now bent on firming up the old world order, rather than having any real interest in laying the foundations for a low-carbon future.

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US sets high standards

SCIENCE MATTERS by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola

LAST MONTH, Barack Obama completed his first 100 days on the job as US President. During that brief period, his administration acted to reverse many of the failed and destructive policy decisions of his predecessor, George W. Bush. President Obama is giving the American people hope that positive change is possible. If only we were offered the same kind of hope in Canada.

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Meditation as healing technology

by Andrew Vidich, PhD

THREE DECADES ago, when I began my meditation practice, I was often viewed as someone out of the mainstream and/or belonging to an Eastern cult. Today, with more than 200 studies having been done on the practice of meditation and its connection between spirituality and health, the tables have turned almost 180 degrees. Wherever I go, people are practising meditation as a means to improving their health and overall well-being.

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